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10 High Paying Jobs that Don’t Require A Degree

A college degree can indeed pave an easy way to success, especially if success means big paychecks to you. There are although exceptions to this, high paying jobs that don’t require a degree. In fact, the unbearable burden of student loans and the economic uncertainty during the pandemic has got us wondering if it is even possible to have a lucrative career without a college degree.

The truth is that the ever-rising tuition fees and debts have made young people seek opportunities

outside of education. And while a bachelor’s or even an associate’s degree might make you earn more on average, there are still some high paying jobs that don’t require a degree.

As a matter of fact, if you have some hard skills, you can easily land a high paying job in the world with just a postsecondary certificate or high school diploma. There are even some jobs that don’t require formal education at all.

high paying jobs that don’t require a degree

So if you don’t have the money or time to get a four years degree, fret not. Here are 10 high paying jobs t hat don’t require a degree!

1. Real Estate Agent

Average Salary: $50,700

Educational Requirement: High school diploma, some states might require licenses

Job Responsibilities: A real estate agent works with buyers or sellers to help them sell or buy property. The best aspect of this job is that it is commission-based. But agents are also required to put in a lot of time and effort to find listings and clients. Someone with an interest in sales and marketing as well as with human skills has a better chance of succeeding in this line of work.

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2. Railroad Operators

Average Salary: $53,900

Educational Requirement: High school diploma

Job Responsibilities: A railroad operator has to operate railroad track switches, couple or uncouple rolling stock to make up or break up trains, signal engineers by flagging, and inspect equipment like couplings, air hoses, hand brakes, journal boxes, etc.

Usually, a little experience or some training can go a long way in this career.

3. Brick Mason

Average Salary: $46,500

Educational Requirement: High school diploma and some on-the-job training

Job Responsibilities: A brick mason works with bricks, stone, and concrete for constructing and repairing various structures. Though this sounds simple, it is no duck soup. It is a physically demanding job that requires the worker to lift heavy weights and do a lot of kneeling and standing for long hours.

4. Production Supervisor

Average Salary: $59,900

Educational Requirement: High school diploma

Job Responsibilities: A production supervisor, as the name suggests, overviews and coordinates the

production activities and operating workers. The supervisor is responsible for dealing with inspectors, machine operators, assemblers, precision workers, and plant and system operators.

5. Creative Writers

Average Salary: $69,100

Educational Requirement: High school diploma

Job Responsibilities: A creative writer has to write original and engaging content pieces, such as scripts, blogs, poetry, essays, articles, reports, press releases, publications, etc.

6. Financial Service Sales Agent

Average Salary: $102,800

Educational Requirement: High school diploma

Job Responsibilities: A financial service sales agent has to sell financial services, like loans, securities, tax, etc. They consult with customers about financial intuitions, financial obligations, and business establishments.

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7. Air Traffic Controller

Average Salary: $124,500

Educational Requirement: An associate’s degree

Job Responsibilities: An air traffic controller is responsible for getting an aircraft safely off the ground, guiding them through the air, and enabling smooth landings. They have to stay alert and carry out correspondence with the pilots during flights.

8. Commercial Makeup Artist

Average Salary: $75,700

Educational Requirement: Postsecondary certificate from a vocational school or community college, some on-the-job training under more experienced artists

Job Responsibilities: Makeup artists usually have a specialization in specific disciplines, like hair,

prosthetics, or special effects. The more h ard skills you have related to the field, the more you are going to earn. You might also have to work gruelling hours if you land a job in film production. But the most interesting aspect of this career is that the pay scale is rising much faster than the inflation rate.

9. Computer Security Analyst

Average Salary: $99,700

Educational Requirement: High school diploma with exceptional h ard skills in computer science, programming, and IT security

Job Responsibilities: A computer security analyst, who also goes by the name information security

analyst, is responsible for protecting an organization’s computer networks and systems from unforeseen invasions. They keep constant tabs on networks for any security breaches.

10. Radiologic Technician

Average Salary: $62,300

Educational Requirement: An associate degree in MRI or radiologic technology

Job Responsibilities: A radiologic technician, also known as radiographers, is responsible for performing X-rays and other diagnostic imaging on patients. Typically, they work under physicians to help them

evaluate images. They can most commonly land a job in hospitals, laboratories, outpatient care centers, and physicians’ clinics.

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Final Word

This list of high paying jobs in the world shows that it is possible to be happy and prosperous without investing in a four year college degree. However, it is also an undeniable truth that one is likely to earn more and land better jobs with a degree. Not to mention the power of education to open minds and equip us with a weapon to change the world.

Lastly, use a smart tool to find out if a job you are going for can cover your expenses and financial obligations. Download the Doctor Money app and have a complete picture of your finances in front of you. Once you have a planned budget in front of you, you can start providing for all your expenses right off the bat with a high paying job.

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