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How Small & Consistent Savings can make you RICH!

We are creatures of habit.

How we go about our daily business is nothing more than a large number of small habits working together in sync to produce our daily behaviors and patterns. Just imagine how small musical notes from various musical instruments in an orchestra come together to form a beautiful melody. The quality and timing of each individual tone contribute to the overall quality of the orchestra, it would only take the odd note to be out of sync and the overall effect of the melody produced by the orchestra wouldn’t sound as good. The same philosophy applies to your habits with money. Small and well-timed changes to your daily spending habits have the ability to make a significant impact on your long-term financial stability.

Let me explain:

Assume you make $1000 a month (or an equivalent amount in your local currency). If you reduce your spending by a total of 10% of that amount i.e. $100 every month, that means your annual savings are $1200. Now imagine if you put that extra $100 into an investment account, every month, for 20 years. Assuming a moderate compound interest rate of 7%, how much do you think you will end up with after 20 years?

A whopping $52,092, of which your savings would be $24,000 and the rest is pure profits from the investment.

Now, imagine if you could reduce your unnecessary spending even further and save $400 per month.

After 20 years, your savings of $400 per month will leave you with a handsome $208,307!

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Both examples above prove a point – SMALL SAVINGS, MADE ON A DAILY BASIS MATTER!

Our easy to use Doctor Money mobile application will tame your spending habits, and keep you ahead of your bills and financial commitments. You simply have to key in your incomes and expenditures, and the smart Doctor Money mobile application will allow you to plan your short and long-term spending on a day-by-day basis. Never miss a bill, never spend more than you can REALLY afford and also get rid of bad debt!

So, you have three options really:

  1. Keep doing what you’re doing, and waste all that money!

  2. Get a pen and paper and good luck trying to keep up!

  3. Download Doctor Money, and do it the smart way!

The choice is obvious and so is the means to achieving it, download the app and start saving money today.

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