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If you’re stressed because of money, you need this!

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Covid-19 has left many of us with a reduced income, or in some other unfortunate cases with no income for a few weeks.

This interruption of income has led a large number of people to rack up their credit cards or spend a decent proportion of any savings they had.

Now with different economies around the world gradually opening up, there is no time more important than this to get our finances in order for us to be able to make good investments or to be able to recover from downtimes and a build up of debt.

Here are some practical steps and thoughts which will enable you to STOP STRESSING about money:

  1. Understand and accept that people who manage their money well, grow RICHER with time.

  2. Understand and accept that no debt is eternal – it will go away, slowly, but surely.

  3. You can, and will be far better off in the future, if you adopt the right money management habits.

  4. Having good Money Habits DO NOT mean that you have to become stingy, tight fisted and miserable!

  5. You can have everything you want, as long as it’s all done at the right time, and as part of a holistic spending plan, which takes your income and basic expenses into consideration.

  6. Accept that once you have a money plan in place, which takes into account everything you want to achieve (financially that is), you can rest assured that you will get there, one small step at a time.

The first, and most important step to do is to acquire healthy spending habits, and continuously train yourself to be aware of your finances and spending habits. Here is an article that mentions smart ways to reduce loan stress.

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Our FREE smart and fabolous Doctor Money mobile application was designed to do just that!

All you would have to do is DOWNLOAD IT on your mobile phone, and provide it with information about your income(s), debts, credit cards and your future financial goal e.g. school fees, a downpayment on a house (anything really!) and the Doctor Money will automatically design a daily spending allowance for you, which will keep you on track and eliminate your financial stress!


Doctor Money

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