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Losing track of your expenses on holiday : How to Stop it

Expenses on holiday Skyrocket.. Nothing in this world beats a great holiday, those sweet days when you leave your world behind, and get away from it all to explore new avenues, tastes and experiences.

Whilst for most people this is still a distant ambition thanks for COVID-19, a lucky few will manage to make it to their holiday destinations.

Despite the joy and pleasure that comes with a well planned holiday, the after-taste of a holiday can be quite bitter for those who don’t plan their finances in advance, and even worse so for those who do not keep track of their spending while away.

Landing in a new country is always exciting, until you get to do your first money transaction in a currency which you do not understand!

To make things even more complicated, you might have planned your budgets in your home currency, whilst you will be spending in another currency which you cannot relate to.

Here is an article that outlines how to travel very cheap.

We all have a “home currency” that we are used to the most, and we have the tendency to convert all of our foreign purchases back to this home currency to make sense of the value of our purchases.

Not understanding the currency of your destination country presents you with the following challenges:

  1. Spending in a different currency makes you lose track of your expenses as you get mixed up between currencies!

  2. You lose your sense of value i.e. tracking things back to the currency you’re used to

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So, what’s the solution?

How can you stay on top of your spending and budgeting regardless of the currency?

The Doctor Money will guide you!

Doctor Money has a versatile, built in currency converter (mid-market, updated exchange rates), that allows you to register your spendings, incomes and financial goals in a foreign currency, whilst showing you your budgets in your home currency.

This makes it very easy for you to stay aware of your finances, regardless of the currency you are using.

For example, let’s say you get paid in US Dollars, and end up landing in Japan!

Doctor Money allows you to log all of your expenses in Yens (Japan’s currency), and will automatically reflect that on your US Dollar budgets and daily allowances.

It gets even easier than that – let’s say you have a daily spending budget of US $100, while in Japan and spending in Yens, the Doctor Money will show you your daily spending allowance in Yens!

No Confusion, No missed Budgets, No Mess!

Download Doctor Money now for FREE, and get your money health in order!


Your Doctor Money

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