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Money Saving Tips to Save Fortune in 2021 Like Pros

The art is not in making money but in keeping it. And it all begins by forming good habits, be it where you spend the money or how you think about it. A few simple changes like bringing your own lunch to work, skipping coffee runs and keeping a check on all small leaks of expenses can put you on the right track. In fact, when it comes to saving money, every cent can add up to build up your savings fund.

However, the most important thing about budget saving is that it doesn’t have to hurt. The idea is not about learning to live without the essentials or even some luxuries. Rather, it is about using some creative ways to save money and incorporating more of them into your monthly spending plans.

You would be surprised to find out how a few simple changes can really turn around your financial situation by helping you meet more of your financial goals every month.

Time Tested Money Saving Tips

So, here are X realistic ways to save money and make long-term changes to your spending habits!

Automate Your Savings

By far the easiest and most creative way to save money is to automate your savings. The phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind’ might not have been truer for anything else than it is for savings. Automating savings requires you to have a process in place to divert some amount to savings at regular intervals, like monthly or weekly.

You can work out a plan with your employer and direct a certain amount from your paycheck to a savings account every month. You can sit down with your HR representative and ask them to use the traditional direct deposit way of building your savings fund.

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Use Public Transport or Walk

It might be a lot more convenient to drive around in your own car, but it isn’t necessarily cost-effective. A better alternative is to use public transport, like buses, subways or even carpooling for commute. Even better is the alternative to walk a few miles every day. Not only will this be easy on your wallet, but it will improve your health at the same time. There are also so many extra costs that you can save on, like car maintenance, insurance, parking fee, etc.

Limit Online Shopping

Impulsive buying has always been a slayer to our saving plans. Now with the ease of online shopping, it is much easier to fall prey to overspending and indulgence. A good solution to this problem is to make it difficult to shop online. One way to do this is to never save your billing information and instead make yourself input your shipping address and card details every time you are placing an order. The hassle of entering so many details will probably lead you to making fewer impulse purchases.

Make Meal Plans and Use Leftovers

There is a lot in our homes that goes to waste on a daily basis and that includes groceries. A great way to deal with food that goes to waste even before you get a chance to eat it is through making meal plans and using leftovers. Making proper meal plans also saves you from buying excess groceries and you can easily use overlapping ingredients for another day’s meal in your weakly meal plan.

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Nail the 30-Day Rule

Avoiding overindulgence and overspending is one of the most important rules of financial management. The 30-day rule is great for keeping these bad habits at bay. This rule simply requires you to put off a purchase or an urge to purchase for a month. If after a month you still feel the need to buy that thing, it is safe to go ahead with the purchase.

More often than not, by the end of 30 days you find that the urge to buy has subsided. This way you can save a lot simply by delaying a purchase. This also works great when you are on the fence about buying something. Waiting gives you a good perspective on if you really need that thing.

Use an Automated Money Saving Tool

Another great way to have better financial management is to find a money saving app that takes the work out of saving. It helps individuals manage their personal finances better and adhere to a savings plan in a smart, engaging and interesting manner.

Money saving apps allow you to input income and expenditure in an organized manner. This gives you the ease to see your goals and progress laid out in front of you to plan accordingly.

Have a Weekly Money Date

Make a commitment to yourself to sit down with your money and have a weekly money date. Take this opportunity to review all your accounts, track your savings progress and identify the loopholes in your budget. Like any other real relationship in your life, the best way to meet your financial goals is to give your financial planning enough time.

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One of the most challenging aspects of budget saving is getting started. And this is where the above tips can help you build a realistic strategy to build on your savings fund. Not only will it help you meet your short and long-term financial goals, but it will take you out of the population of 73% millennials who overspend on unnecessary indulgences.

Lastly, keep a track on your budget and spending habits and review your progress every month. Identify the problems in your money management and fix them without delay. If you need some help with it, download the Doctor Money app now and find smart solutions to your money problems. Remember as long as you save money, the money saves you!

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