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NEVER miss an OPPORTUNITY to become RICH again!

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

The world is ripe with opportunities to make an absolute fortune. In this post we talk about how never to miss an opportunity to be rich again. Those who tell you otherwise are either blind or too naive to see the world for what it is today. We live in an era of almost FREE MONEY!

Interest rates are the lowest they have ever been, so getting your hands on cash has never been easier. However, for you to be able to seize any decent business/investment opportunities that come your way, you must be READY.

How can you be ready?

1.You must know how to control your money,

2.You must have acquired an amount of money you can use to kickstart your investment. Banks aren’t interested in dealing with broke people, not only because they’re broke, but also because being broke is a strong indication that you do not know how to manage money and hence a risky client.

Let’s start with some background information:

Since President Nixon took the US dollar off of the gold standard in 1971 in a series of economic policies that later became known as the Nixon Shock, the very definition of money changed forever! Prior to 1971, you could in theory exchange US dollars, the backbone of every other currency in the world for a pre-set amount of gold or silver. However after the Nixon Shock, that was no longer possible and the “petro-dollar” was born. The US dollar became the world’s oil trading currency i.e. anyone who wishes to buy oil, must pay for it using American dollars.

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Every country on the face of the earth needs to import oil if they don’t have their own, but before they could go ahead and buy the oil on the global markets, they first need to get themselves US dollars so they can pay for it. This organic link between the oil trade and the US dollar is what gives the US dollar its value i.e. as long as oil is in demand, there will be a demand for US dollars. Anything in high demand becomes valuable, even if it’s just paper with some green ink! Does the term “petro-dollar” make sense now?

What’s the difference between money and currency?

Linguistically speaking, “money” is anything of intrinsic value i.e. the value of the “money” must be lodged within it (physically speaking). Think of gold bullion, no matter what the gold bullion is worth in US dollars or any other currency, gold bullion will always remain gold bullion! And to your amazement

– the buying power of a gold or silver bullion has NOT CHANGED over the last 1000 years!

Meaning that you could buy the same stuff with a gold bullion today, as you could 1000 years ago, in other words, it’s inflation-proof!

Unlike a currency! As the name suggests, a currency’s real value changes and fluctuates as times move on, the trend is downwards!

The graph below shows us that in 2020 you would need to spend around $2000 to buy stuff you could have gotten for $100 in the year 1799 i.e. the value of currency is COLLAPSING!

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Now that you understand the difference between currency and money, you might be asking, how does this affect me? Or how is this relevant?

To keep this fiat monetary system alive, there is ALWAYS going to be a need for extra cash to be pumped (printed) into the system and it would always need to deflate at some point. With this extra cash made out of thin air continuously flowing into the system, interest rates, generally speaking, will remain low for the foreseeable future, unless some dramatic political or environmental event happens.

Here’s your clue: How many advertisements for credit cards, mortgages, etc. do you come across every day? The availability of cash means that various financial institutions will be willing, and working hard to lend it out! However, for YOU to be able to benefit during these unusual times, you must be ready! Banks and other lenders need you to demonstrate that you are good with money, and rightly so! You need a good financial statement, and that can only be achieved if you know how to manage your money, regardless of how much that is.

Our smart App (Doctor Money) will work with you, on a daily basis to make sure that you set budgets for your expenses and that these budgets are never exceeded, and that you set yourself financial goals that you can meet.

This process, over time, will make you great at managing your money!

After using our app for some time, you will find that :

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1.You have saved thousands of dollars

2.You have become FULLY aware of your spending habits

3.You have cured your bad money habits

Imagine that in a short time you would master the art of using money, and in the process, you would also have saved a significant amount of money to make you ready for that investment. How would you feel the next time a great business opportunity knocked your door, and you responded with YES, I’M READY, LET’S DO THIS!

Don’t wait – Let’s get started.

Download Doctor Money Now for Free.

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