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Frugal Fashionistas : Best Ways to Stay on Trend

In a world where everyone is chasing the latest fashion and trends, it can often be difficult to stay classy and fabulous. With an increasing number of celebrities and influencers gracing the red carpets in high-end clothing and accessories, the urge to jump on the bandwagon is nothing but natural. While staying on trend might seem easy, it’s usually expensive to pull off some of these looks.

However, you shouldn’t have to rack up your expenses or break your bank to look chic and elegant. With some craft, ingenuity, and a little sacrifice, you can be the budget fashionista. Above all, you must know how to put together affordable fashion brands for any occasion on a budget.

Frugal Fashionistas: Here’s how to stay trending always

Read this post to learn about some creative ways to save money on products to stay on top of some of the most sought-after fashion trends!

Shop for Enough Staples

One of the most important tips to be the budget fashionista is to make sure you have enough basics in your wardrobe. You should especially have neutral color without any complicated patterns, so they can easily be paired up with other items.

Staples mostly include plain t-shirts in multiple colors, a few pair of your favorite cut blue jeans, a classy jacket, a pair of sneakers or ballet flat shoes, etc. It is best to have lots of clothes in neutral colors like white, beige, and black.

However, this is in no way an exhaustive list. Your choice, personal style, and location will determine the staples for your collection.

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Browse Sales, Secondary Markets and Thrift Stores

A creative way to save money when it comes to fashion is to buy from sales, secondary markets, and thrift stores. This gives you a chance to stay low on your budget as you are not getting trendy stuff straight off the rack. Trendy products often end up in these places due to a manufacturer’s inability to move products or simply because of the original brand needing to make space for a new collection. Secondary markets are also great places to find luxury items for a fraction of their retail price.

Here are some benefits of shopping at thrift stores.

Apart from sales and secondary markets, you can also browse your local thrift stores. These shops have a wide range of clothes donated by owners who lost interest in them for varying reasons. More often than not, you can find perfectly good clothing at astoundingly low prices.

Go for Classics in Clothing

One of the major sources of decent profit for manufacturers are the trendy versions of staple garments that they sell on inflated prices. They go out of fashion within months and thus consumers make take a trip back to the store to buy a new look.

A creative way to save money and to steer clear of these expensive trends is to go classic. For instance, you can buy a pair of classic, dark blue denim instead of going for a pair of trendy jeans. Whether you like faded, bootcut, straight, or flair, it is best to buy a pair of classics that will not only last for years but will always add a timeless appeal to your style.

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Experiment with Accessories

Apart from going for affordable fashion brands, you can also spice up your old clothes with the right accessories. You can always find some jewelry or an accessory that would go perfectly with any type of outfit after rummaging your accessory draw. You can even add some extra style with a bold headband, a vintage piece of jewelry, a cute scrunchie, etc.

Spend Sparingly

A lot of us have such a hankering for staying trendy that we often compromise our necessity budgets to look attractive. While there is nothing wrong with the desire to look beautiful and stylish, it must not come at the cost of your essential needs.

If you are someone who tends to go off track when it comes to spending on clothes, you could probably do well by setting a spending limit. If you still fear of getting carried away, you can tag your friend along on your shopping trips for accountability. They can help you stay focused on what you came for and can remind you of your spending limit if you are going overboard.

Budget for Your Fashion Splurge

It is easy to overspend on a shopping trip when you find a good deal on an amazing piece of clothing or an accessory. Therefore, it is important to account for your luxury shopping in your overall budget. If you are following the 50/30/20 rule of budgeting, you must have allotted 50% of your budget to needs, 30% to your wants, and the remaining 20% to savings.

Following this budgeting rule, the purchase of a luxury item shall fall under the 30% category for wants. Make sure the luxury item that you are going to buy does not take up the budget of your morning latte or dining out. As long as you have accounted for it, you can go ahead and allow yourself to spend on it.

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Final Word

Being fashionable and trendy doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a foot. It is about taking advantage of sales and thrift stores as well as introducing a touch of creativity to your style and wardrobe. These tips on how to be a fashionista on a budget can help you spice up your style without having to spend big bucks.

Finally, it goes without saying that your true value does not come from an expensive brand or an amazing new accessory, it is defined by the elegance that comes from within.

If your fashion habits and shopping sprees tend to burn a hole in your pocket, download the Doctor Money app and let it take away the hassle of keeping a check on your spending. The app will create dynamic spending budgets to help you stay the budget fashionista!

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